On the multi-symplectic structure of Boussinesq-type systems. II: Geometric discretization

2020-06-17T22:03:20Z (GMT) by A Durán D Dutykh Dimitrios Mitsotakis
© 2019 Elsevier B.V. In this paper we consider the numerical approximation of systems of BOUSSINESQ-type to model surface wave propagation. Some theoretical properties of these systems (multi-symplectic and HAMILTONIAN formulations, well-posedness and existence of solitary-wave solutions)were previously analysed by the authors in Part I. As a second part of the study, considered here is the construction of geometric schemes for the numerical integration. By using the method of lines, the geometric properties, based on the multi-symplectic and HAMILTONIAN structures, of different strategies for the spatial and time discretizations are discussed and illustrated.