Are entrepreneurship educators cultivating entrepreneurs? Analysis of transformational attributes

The entrepreneurship educators' role is becoming very critical because they cultivate, educate and transform the potential entrepreneurs into ultimate business founders. As a transformational leader, entrepreneurship educator's role is of great importance that energetically persuades, inspires, stimulates, motivates and leads students for entrepreneurship with the provision of real-life business/entrepreneurial knowledge. This study has analysed whether the top entrepreneurship educators in the world have the required transformational leadership attributes. This study is descriptive in nature and has used quantitative survey as main research method. A questionnaire was sent to the top 100 entrepreneurship educators via email. After collecting the responses, descriptive statistics, factor analysis, and comparative analysis were run for attribution extents; and academic and practical experiences. The results indicate that most of the entrepreneurship educators possess transformational leadership attributes that are required to teach the entrepreneurship courses. The entrepreneurship educators combine their practical experiences with theoretical teaching practices to teach the students effectively. This study indicates some implications for the improvement of entrepreneurship educators' effectiveness in entrepreneurship teaching. Further, entrepreneurship educators' transformational attributes are required to be improved through educational and training programs more effectively.