A new species of Polycoelia (Kallymeniaceae, Rhodophyta), P. kurariirapa, from the Three Kings Islands/Manawatāwhi, New Zealand

© 2020, © 2020 International Phycological Society. A new species of Polycoelia, P. kurariirapa, is described from the Three Kings Islands/Manawatāwhi, representing the first record of the genus in New Zealand. Polycoelia includes two species from Australia, P. laciniata (generitype) and P. fastigiata, and one from South Africa, P. harveyana. Polycoelia kurariirapa shares with the two Australian species the characteristic vegetative anatomy of the genus consisting of a single layer of medullary cells surrounded by a cortex of small-celled, anticlinal filaments, and branched thalli. The rbcL phylogenetic analysis confirmed the close, and sister, relationship of P. kurariirapa with the Australian taxa, while they were only weakly grouped with P. harveyana. This new genus adds to the unique seaweed flora of these islands in northern New Zealand and indicates that this area may harbour even more hidden diversity.