A Generalized Gaussian Coherent Scatterer Model for Correlated SAR Texture

2020-06-24T07:43:02Z (GMT) by DX Yue F Xu Alejandro Frery YQ Jin
© 2019 IEEE. This article proposes a generalized modeling and simulation approach for correlated synthetic aperture radar (SAR) texture based on the Gaussian coherent scatterer model. It is rooted in the physics-based coherent scatterer assumption where each observation in an SAR image is a coherent sum of multiple underlying Gaussian scatterers. The proposal generalizes existing single-point statistical models by allowing the number of scatterers to be a correlated random field. It can also generate the desired spatial correlation texture by stipulating the structure in both the Gaussian scattered field and the number of scatterers. This generalized model is derived theoretically and then validated by both simulations and experiments with SAR data from actual sensors.