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The Sounds of Obsolescence in the Age of Digital Re-Production

conference contribution
posted on 2020-09-14, 23:52 authored by Paul Dunham
This practice-based research focuses on creating a series of sound sculptures that establish a narrative between past and present through the convergence of obsolete and current media technologies. Within the transdisciplinary frame of media archaeology, new methods of inquiry into the obsolete object’s engagement and relationship with current media technologies may emerge that suggest an alternative readings of history. Using a practice-based research approach, the process of defining, producing and refining the art works will be supported by an exegesis that contextualises and interprets the knowledge embodied in these works. By discursively revealing aesthetic and artistic intentions in this way the artefact and the process of its creation become sources of embodied knowledge and artistic method. This research contributes to existing practice-based discourse by providing new insights into the process of making, interpreting and contextualising sound-based art informed by media archaeology.


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Dunham, P. (2019, July). The Sounds of Obsolescence in the Age of Digital Re-Production.

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