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Recommendations when Designing to Address Procrastination: A Psychological Perspective

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posted on 10.09.2021, 01:56 by Helen AndreaeHelen Andreae, Abigail Durrant, Steven Kyffin
Procrastination is a common behaviour that psychologists have found to have many negative consequences for both the individual and society. Standard psychological methods for addressing procrastination require significant time and effort, and consequently suffer a lack of adherence. This paper synthesises relevant psychological research to identify possible approaches designers could take in order to offer immediate aid to procrastinators. We suggest that an understanding of the psychological mechanisms underlying procrastination may inform and guide designers in creating interventions that shift some of the effort associated with undertaking tasks from the individual to the designed environment. In the paper, we draw on different psychological perspectives and strategies, highlighting how this information may be relevant and applicable for designers who aim to address and reduce procrastination behaviour through designed interventions.


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Andreae, H., Durrant, A. & Kyffin, S. (2019, October). Recommendations when Designing to Address Procrastination: A Psychological Perspective. PubPub.

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