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REIMAGINING RELATIVITY Transitioning the physical body into a virtual inhabitant

conference contribution
posted on 24.06.2021, 09:18 by J Rogers, Marc Aurel Schnabel, Tane Moleta
This paper explores the ideas and mechanics through a case study which generated a reimagined means of inhabiting a speculative immersive environment. Currently, many users reside within virtual environments for their own leisure, work, or any other reason desired from short amounts of time to extreme lengths. This paper shows the generation directly relative to the inhabitant, where gravity, orientation, scale, and locomotion is completely dynamic. Details within this paper experiment with the laws and bounds of the virtual space within a real-time game engine where reimagining the way one inhabits space compared to current norms of real-world inhabitation is possible with creativity and applied knowledge. Escher’s lithograph of Relativity is the driving concept explored within this paper beginning with creating gravitational pulls in multiple directions within the immersive virtual reality environment to accommodate various sources of gravity. The result of the case study demonstrated the generation of new virtual relativity laws reimagining how the virtual space is inhabited, in short, omnidirectional flying, gravitation defined by the inhabitant to geometry relationship, controlled local scaling, and populating space with multiple inhabitants in a unique manner.


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