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Influences of a new digital cultural layer on design at varying scales

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posted on 24.06.2021, 09:23 by J Holth, S Meekings, Marc Aurel Schnabel, Tane Moleta
Architects work with data daily. Spatial metrics, building codes and client requirements form the main considerations for many designers, yet new layers of data are impacting the way cities and inhabitants interact with each. This data can be used to more effectively analyse and predict patterns and behaviors to produce environments better suited to users.This paper reviews a selection of ideas from across digital architectural discourse by discussing tangible outcomes from a practitioner point of view and advocates for a greater integration of this digital cultural context into the design process. This paper considers a city-wide digital logic, rather than a new-age technological zeitgeist, that is as much a part of a city as its buildings are and through this provides a lens into our environment and devices that can be used to influence design at multiple scales.


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