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Analysis of the impact of gases on the efficiency of the heat exchanger in a binary geothermal powerplant

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posted on 2022-08-15, 04:22 authored by Anu ChoudharyAnu Choudhary, Ramesh Rayudu, Jim Hinkley, John Burnell
Heat exchangers play an important role in binary geothermal power plants. The presence of some non-condensable gases in the geothermal fluid impacts the efficiency of the heat exchangers. These Noncondensable gases are released into the environment after separating them from the geothermal fluid used for electricity generation. They have become an issue of significant concern for the geothermal industry. The reinjection of gases seems to be a solution for mitigating emissions. However, we cannot ignore the impact of those gases on the geothermal power plants. Different factors affect the efficiency of heat exchangers in a binary geothermal powerplant, such as the mass flow rate, temperature, and fluid pressure. The gas concentration also plays a significant role in heat transfer between the fluids in the heat exchanger, impacting the efficiency of the heat exchanger. This study analyzes the variation in the heat exchanger's efficiency for different gas concentrations in the fluid at varying temperature conditions. The calculation was based on all the primary inputs and outputs from the heat exchangers—the measures for heat loss to the working fluid estimate the energy loss in the system. Also, the liquid's gas concentration at the heat exchanger’s output helps understand the heat transfer behavior to the working fluid in the heat exchanger.


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Choudhary, A., Rayudu, R., Hinkley, J. & Burnell, J. (2022, January). Analysis of the impact of gases on the efficiency of the heat exchanger in a binary geothermal powerplant.

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