Towards the development of a DSS supporting the integration of crowdsourcing in theory testing: Analytical framework design

© 2019 Association for Information Systems. All rights reserved. Crowdsourcing can be an adopted strategy for researchers where tasks are distributed to internet users to harness different forms of data, which adds to the reliability and validity of the research process. As theory testing is an essential part of the research process, involving activities that most times needs input from different and diverse participants, the need to consider adopting the crowdsourcing strategy for theory testing is paramount. Adopting a design science paradigm to manage this challenge, we design an analytic framework which comprises of important attributes that need to be considered if crowdsourcing is to be used for any of the theory testing activities. The framework which was justified using sample cases gives us an insight into what attributes make such activity crowdsource-able. The value of this artefact lies in its capacity to help researchers utilize crowdsourcing to their advantage.