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Click::RAND. A Minimalist Sound Sculpture

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conference contribution
posted on 14.09.2020 by Paul Dunham, Mo Zareei, Dugal McKinnon, Dale Carnegie
Discovering outmoded or obsolete technologies and appropriating them in creative practice can uncover new relationships between those technologies. Using a media archaeological research approach, this paper presents the electromechanical relay and a book of random numbers as related forms of obsolete media. Situated within the context of electromechanical sound art, the work uses a non-deterministic approach to explore the non-linear and unpredictable agency and materiality of the objects in the work. Developed by the first author, Click::RAND is an object-based sound installation. The work has been developed as an audio- visual representation of a genealogy of connections between these two forms of media in the history of computing.


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Dunham, P., Zareei, M., McKinnon, D. & Carnegie, D. (2020, July). Click::RAND. A Minimalist Sound Sculpture.

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